Decennial 2020: Poster Abstract Update

SHEA will be publishing a supplemental issue of SHEA’s Scientific Journal, Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology (ICHE), which will include all of the accepted Decennial 2020 poster abstracts! At this time, the supplement will be made available online only. It will also highlight both top rated and late breaker abstracts. We know many of you wish to re-submit your abstracts to IDWeek or elsewhere, therefore, we are also extending the Decennial abstract withdraw deadline. If you wish to withdraw your abstract from Decennial’s ICHE supplement please do so no later than April 8th. Email with your poster title to withdraw. If you are re-submitting your abstract to IDWeek, you must withdraw from Decennial. After this deadline, all accepted abstracts will be sent into the process to be published as is. The process for publishing will take up to three months. SHEA will be following up with additional information in April. If you wish to re-submit your abstract to IDWeek 2020, you may do so on

Decennial 2020: Canceled for March

After much deliberation and consideration of the Decennial participants’ substantial role in addressing COVID-19 globally, the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America’s Board of Trustees unanimously decided the 6th Decennial International Conference on Healthcare Associated Infections will no longer occur March 26 – 30, 2020, in Atlanta, GA. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are in agreement with the decision to cancel. Please be patient with us as we navigate through questions, concerns, refunds, and everything in between. Registered participants can find registration refund information and FAQs on the Attendees/Cancellation FAQs page.


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