Booth Specifications

Booth Decoration

Standard booth construction includes 8’ high back NexxtWall, 36” high side NexxtWall, and standard booth sign at no charge. All additional equipment is available in the Exhibitor Service Manual.  The manual will be available in the Exhibitor Dashboard on November 7, 2019. You will receive an email with your login information on November 7.


The exhibit hall is already carpeted; therefore you are not required to order carpeting for your booth.  However, carpeting is available should you choose to order it for your booth. Carpet ordered by February 25 will cost approximately $225 and up for a 10’x10′ booth.


Exhibitors are required to keep their booths clean at all times. Cleaning request forms will be included in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

Carpet and NexxtWallTM

The decorator will be using NexxtWall (inquire about this service withDecennial 2020’s decorator NexxtShow) to divide the booths.

Construction of Exhibit Booth

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for:

  • constructing your booth within Decennial 2020 guidelines
  • maintaining a professional appearance
  • ordering furniture, displays, and cleaning services for your exhibit

If any booth is deemed unsafe or unsightly,Decennial 2020 will ask the exhibitor to correct it at the exhibitor’s expense.

Hanging Signs/Banners

Hanging signs are not permitted.  The ceiling height is only 18’.

In-Line and Corner Booths

In-line booths may not exceed 8’ in height, including signage.  All construction is restricted to a height of 48” in the front 5’ of the booth and 8’ in the rear 5’.  NexxtWall will extend across the back of the booth at a height of 8’ and will extend between the booths at a height of 36”.

Island Booths

An island booth is defined as a booth of 20’ x 20’, with aisles on all four sides. Island booths may extend to a height of 12’. Full use of the floor space is permitted; however, the design of the booth must allow accessibility from all four aisles and have sufficient see-through and walk-through areas so as not to block the view of adjacent exhibits. Cross-aisle carpeting is not permitted. Demonstration areas may not extend to the aisle line of the exhibit and must allow for space for visitors.

Line of Sight

Every design should allow for adequate sight lines to other spaces and to the aisles.


The decorator will supply a standard booth sign, 7” x 44”, with the company name and booth number. Sign service will also be available on site at the Exhibit Service Center.  No sign may be placed outside the booth area, in doorways, hallways, or aisles.