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Exhibitor Labor

Exhibitors may hire labor through the official contractor or through an independent contractor. (See the Exhibitor-appointed Contractors’ clause.) Otherwise, the decorator’s labor will install and dismantle the booth at the exhibiting company’s expense. Please refer to the NexxtShow Online Exhibitor Marketplace for additional information.

Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors

Exhibitors who plan to use contractors other than the Decennial 2020 official contractors must submit an Exhibitor-appointed Non-official Authorization form located in the NexxtShow Online Exhibitor Marketplace. The exhibitor-appointed contractor must:

  • comply with all Decennial 2020 rules and regulations
  • check in at the exhibitor registration desk upon arrival and provide proof of affiliation to receive a work pass
  • remain outside of the exhibit hall during exhibit hours unless the sponsoring company has provided exhibitor badges
  • cooperate with the Decennial 2020 official contractor
  • not use the “service desk” area
  • not solicit business in the exhibit hall at anytime
  • not pick up product or giveaway materials from any booth
  • provide a certificate of insurance as stated on the Exhibitor-Non-Official Contractor Authorization Form 

Exhibitor Service Center

There will be an exhibitor service center in the hotel. It will be available throughout the entire exhibition, including installation and dismantling hours. Exhibitors can make arrangements for any services they require at this location.

Exhibitor Service Manual – NexxtShow Online Marketplace

Each exhibiting company will be emailed access to the NexxtShow Exhibitor Marketplace (Exhibitor Service Kit) which is fully online. The Marketplace will include a directory, information, and forms for ordering the necessary services from the hotel and official Decennial 2020 contractors. Please return the forms to the appropriate service companies.  The Marketplace will be available beginning on November 7, 2019.


Decennial 2020 will provide security throughout the hours of move-in, regular show, and move-out. The security personnel will exercise reasonable care for the protection of the exhibitors’ property. The exhibiting company will be solely responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of any kind. Exhibitors requiring additional security may enlist the services of the official security company.

 Union Labor Rules and Regulations

Display and Exhibit Work – Exhibitors must utilize NexxtShow and/or qualified display houses (exhibitor-designated contractors) to install and dismantle displays.

Exhibit Installation/Dismantling – Union jurisdictions prevail over all set-up and dismantling of exhibits, including signs and carpeting. Exhibitors may set up their own displays using only one full-time employee of their company without the use of ladders or tools, and the set-up must be completed in one-half hour. See the Exhibitor Service Manual for more information.

NexxtShow will provide all of the electrical needs. Please refer to the NexxtShow Exhibitor Marketplace for the order forms and additional information.

Labor Charges

Skilled labor is available through Decennial 2020’s official service contractor at the prevailing labor rate in Atlanta, GA. 

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NexxtShow will receive shipments from carriers prior to the move-in date, store the material up to 30 days, deliver it to the booth, and deliver the material from the booth to the carrier at the loading dock during the specified move-in and move-out times.

Freight and Truck Shipments

NexxtShow handles all freight during move-in and move-out. NexxtShow is prepared to receive advance shipments at its local warehouse. The freight rate includes free storage up to 30 days prior to the first day of move-in. 

Direct Shipment to the Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Direct shipments to the Atlanta Marriott Marquis that arrive prior to the first move-in day will be REFUSED. The date shipments may begin arriving will be available in November. See marshaling yard instructions in the NexxtShow Online Marketplace.

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Additional Services

Lead Retrieval System
Decennial 2020 is currently exploring lead retrieval options.

Newsroom Services
Decennial 2020 will designate an area for the display of exhibitor news materials within the newsroom. Exhibitor representatives are to check-in at the newsroom and leave materials with the receptionist.

Embargo policy: All exhibitor news releases, media alerts, and other news materials regarding research presented at the Decennial 2020 meeting must be embargoed until the start of the meeting on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

Photography and Videography
Photography and videography in the exhibit hall are not permitted unless contracted through the official photographer. Contact and scheduling information along with forms will be included in the NexxtShow Online Marketplace.

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