Mentorship Program

The SHEA Mentorship Program is designed to create a strong networking community while providing and enhancing the SHEA membership experience at all levels. Our goal is to form relationships that can be carried forward beyond the meeting. The SHEA Mentorship Subcommittee will select the mentees and appropriately pair them with a mentor.

Apply to become a Mentor or Mentee when you register to attend Decennial 2020.

We have implemented a 2-tier approach to being a mentor or mentee to help better choose what you are comfortable identifying as.


  • Mid-Career Mentor: In practice for 5-7 years. Still new in their career but willing to mentor those who are just starting (1-2 years) in the field.
  • Seasoned Mentor: In practice for 8 years or more or retired. Has held leadership positions with SHEA, IDSA, APIC, or other like societies, and/or high positions at their institution, place of work, or state/federal level.


  • Mid-Career Mentee: 4-7 years into their career. Is active in the fields of infection prevention/control, stewardship, and/or public health.
  • Junior Mentee: 0-5 years into their career or still in training (e.g. fellow, resident, student).

This year, we have a limited number of spots for mentors and mentees. Participants will be chosen on a first come, first served basis. All participants must fully register to attend Decennial 2020 in order to participate in this year’s SHEA Mentorship Program. Registrants with payments that are outstanding or pending by December 9, 2019 will not be included.

The program will continue throughout the entirety of 2020. SHEA requires that all mentees and mentors participate in the following activities:

  • Formal Introductions – Mentors and Mentees should connect before the conference by phone or email.
  • While at the Conference
    • Attend the Mentorship Program Meet and Greet – Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 26 (Location and Time TBD)
    • Meet with your mentor/mentee to discuss science, career development, and networking opportunities.
    • Attend session(s) of common interest with your mentor/mentee during Decennial 2020

Please note: this program is intended to last beyond the Conference. It is not aimed at answering specific questions/case consultations that might arise from daily work practices. For questions regarding practice, please visit for other resources.

Prospective Mentees who are either experienced or new SHEA members are welcome to apply. Your Mentor will provide you with the benefit of their career experience, vision, advice, and planning in order to further your own career aspirations. Mentees may consider this program for a variety of reasons:

  • Considering a career in healthcare epidemiology?
  • Looking to get more involved in SHEA?
  • Looking to expand their network of like-minded colleagues?

Prospective Mentors should be seasoned healthcare professionals. Mentors can expect to build a connection that can help build a budding career. All mentors must apply to be considered. Mentors may consider this program for a variety of reasons:

  • Looking to share your knowledge and experience with others?
  • Looking to expand your network of like-minded colleagues?
  • Want to build long lasting relationships?
  • Want to help build a stronger SHEA membership?

All Mentors and Mentees will be highlighted in the Final Program.